Monday, September 4, 2017

Oh Hey Labor Day

Pixie Market top  / Forever 21 jeans and  bag / Rampage flats via T.J Maxx

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The non-official end of Summer came and left so quickly that I still feel like is Friday.

I put this outfit together on Sunday to go out to dinner with a friend. 

One, I wear white all year

 two, maybe not a good idea to wear white specially when goingvout to eat 

and three, wear something tight that way you don't eat too much lol

xo, Yaudy Cristina

Friday, September 1, 2017

September Baby

Joe Fresh top / Gap jeans / Zara flats / Calvin Klein hat

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Happy September!!!

I can't believe my birthday month is here and I say month because I celebrate the whole month.

It is very easy to celebrate every weekend, since the majority of my friends birthdays are in September. Starting with my Queen mom September 3rd all the way to the end of the month,  there is a special person in my life celebrating their day.

This year's celebration will be a great one.  I am turning the big 40 (even though I feel like I'm 20 lol) and the celebration plans have been in place for a while and all I can say, it is something I've been wanting to go see for a long long time. 

I also  got my gift  I am now the proud owner of a Rebecca Minkoff crossed body bag that I found at TJ Maxx and put on layaway.  

Yes, I still do layaway and yes TJ Maxx offers it.

Can't wait to share :)

Xo, Yaudy Cristina

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

In Between

Zara dress and boots / SIX bag

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Happy Wednesday!

We are in the "in between"  season, the one that you really have no idea what to wear and layer pieces in the morning only to slowly take them off during the day because the temperature changes every hour.

Little by little Fall items start to make an appearance and combining  light Summer clothes with booties  seemed just the perfect outfit to put together on Saturday for dinner and a walk in my favorite town of Ridgewood.

Xo, Yaudy Cristina

Monday, August 28, 2017

In My Palazzo Pants

Dor L Dor pants / Walmart tank top / Forever 21 sandals / Bag from a street festival in Spring Valley

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How awesome are palazzo pants?!?!

I have been living on these pair since I got them. They are as comfortable as a skirt and the striped print was the selling point for me.  I have so meany outfits planned with them, that I plan to wear them all thru Fall.

BTW isn't this Summer flying? I can't believe that August is almost over!

Hope you guys had a great Monday...

xo, Yaudy Cristina

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Power Of The Jumpsuit

Joyce Leslie jumpsuit / / H&M slides / Forever 21 hat / Bag from boutique in Clear-water Fla 

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Jumpsuits... What can I say other that I am obsessed with the.

This one is old so old that the tag was gone, but thanks to my good memory (sometimes lol) I remembered where I got it yearssssss ago.  I still remember buying it for the beach, but to be honest I actually never wore it as a cover-up.  Last time I wore I was on a cruise heading to Puerto Rico and wore like three times on that vacation.

Jumpsuits are comfortable, until is time for you to go to the bathroom haha then it becomes a pain to take off and if you are like me that don't like public bathrooms only in emergencies, but the day you decide to step out wearing a jumpsuit then you pee like crazy! 

I own a couple of them and they have become a perfect transition piece into the cooler months for me.  Adding a sweater, denim jacket or a motto faux leather jacket depending on the occasion, jumpsuits are a piece that can be dress up or down just by adding and changing accessories.

xo, Yaudy Cristina 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Weekend Fun:: NY Renaissance Faire

Happy Monday!!

Two weeks ago we took a drive to the NY Renaissance Faire and oh my, this time it was quite the adventure.  I attended this a couple of years ago and since then it seems like they added a bit more things, it is just like a different world. 

There are different activities all around the mini town, food, music and the end of the show is a fight for a princess (what I think it is lol) on horses and a whole bunch of other stuff.  

They also sell a ton of stuff , my boyfriend bought a handmade leather belt for $30.

 I will never forget eating a huge turkey leg with my hands and just thinking about it now makes me hungry!!  We were also surprised at how we were able walk the town with beer in our hands, the only time I experience that was in Vegas haha

This fun adventure runs until the first weekend of October.  So if you are around the area and are looking for something fun to do head over to the faire and I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

xo, Yaudy Cristina

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fruit Cobbler

Fruit Cobbler

I am always searching for easy dessert recipes and this one (HERE) I found in Pinterest  has become one of my favorites.  
It's easy and delicious! The name "Lazy Man Peach Cobbler" caught my attention instantly.  

When I went peach picking  two weeks ago, I had no idea what a fruit cobbler was but, ever since that day I have baked 4 cobblers and all I did with this one was switch the peaches for blueberries and he result was the same. 

Needles to say, I had cobbler a whole week for breakfast lol

Give it a try!

xo, Yaudy Cristina